Raquel Lasso, Anaerobic Washed, Gesha, Colombia, Small Batch - Filter

Roaster: Small Batch (Melbourne, Australia)

Producer: Raquel Lasso

Origin: Colombia

Process: Anaerobic Washed

My Flavour Notes: Mandarin, Jasmine, Lemonade, Juicy

Brewer: Hario metal V60

Best Recipe: Loong Pour, 15g, 250w, 97c, 20 (commandante)


Apologies for not posting last week, I moved house and just couldn’t manage it until now.  


This is the last of the Small Batch coffees for a while and it is custom of course to save the best for last, yes? Yes!


I purchased all the other coffees reviewed recently and was very satisfied with them all. The week after Small Batch released this one and so I panic bought a bag, which turned out to be one of the most pragmatic decisions I have made this year. Why? Because the coffee was unbelievable!


I am one of the lucky baristas from Australia who managed to snag an origin trip out of my old employer ST ALi back in 2018. The biggest takeaway from that trip was that producers really do most of the hard work that goes into a good cup of coffee. Sure, a lot of incredible roasters and baristas have a very important role to play in harmonising all those efforts, but producers do the hard yards and in many ways.


Raquel Lasso is a female producer operating in the well-known Narino region in Colombia whom Small Batch have been working with for several years. It is quite clear she has been refining her product over the years, because to me this was a clear 90 point experience.


When I think about those efforts, I find it very admirable that we have female producers doing such incredible things. When I come to think of it, many of the world’s most revered producers are female and leading the way (Aida Battle, Daniela Rodriguez, Rachel Overton, Rachel Peterson, Marysabel Caballero, I could go on).


I managed to get the most out of this coffee when I stretched out the brew ration to 1:17 and increased the temperature to 97c (Small Batch suggested 95c).


It is one of those coffees that just keeps getting better as it cools. The start I found very floral and as it cooled the acidity just lifted right up.


The most bizarre thing about the coffee though is that I got an email from someone at Small Batch asking if I wanted a refund. They said they cupped the batch after dispatching it (in my experience most roasters just send it and hope for the best) and that they weren’t satisfied, they even sent me another bag! I’ve made a few cuppas in my time and certainly have confidence in my ability to polish a turd, but this was no turd.


I sure would have liked to have tasted this at its ‘best’ because the sidekick version was incredible, I should know as I’ve been drinking it all week. Perhaps this was just one big flex to assert roasting dominance? I’ll never know.


I am hoping when you read these reviews it gives you faith that you should purchase the same coffees too. If you see a coffee reviewed on here it is good enough for your frozen menu at home or even at your café. This coffee and Small Batch have my approval.  


So this coffee is #zeroapproved


Friday I’ll be posting another blast from the past coffee.


Until then, STAY COOL!