Flower Power Blend


- 50% Ethiopia Hambela, Natural, Heirloom 

- 50% Ethiopia Hunda Oli, Washed, Heirloom.

Flavours: Rose, Jasmine, Apricot, Yellow Peach

If you are reading this you have purchased some refreshing Flower Power Filter Blend. 

This blend actually came together by mistake. When at home one of the Sub-Zero crew members blended some of the Ethiopia Hambela we had with the remnants of some Washed Ethiopian samples. This resulted in a flavour explosion we knew we had to share. 

When we drink this coffee the floral components really stand out. In our imagination Gina the flower girl (pictured on the label) is cushioning our day with her mesmerising flavour and aura. The days are easy when Gina hits you with her flavoursome and natural ways. 

Brewing this coffee is very versatile. We prefer using the Loong Pour brew method to bring out more of the subtle floral flavours. 


Dose:15g. Water: 250g. Temperature: 97, Time: 2:30-3:00 

Hope you enjoy drinking this coffee and that Gina can guide you through these interesting times. 

Stay Cool.