Honduras El Puente:

Brace yourselves for some serious flavour. 

If you're a serious coffee drinker then you will have heard of Finca El Puente. Marysabel Cabellero and her husband Moises manage the farm, and produce some of the finest coffee in the world. Don't take our word for it though, if you trawl through previous Cup of Excellence auctions you will see El Puente consistently in the highest echelon (they even won in 2016). Marysabel is the daughter of legendary Honduras producer Don Fabio Caballero, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that elite coffee is part of the family tree. 

The english translation of 'El Puente' is 'the bridge'. This Geisha certainly is a bridge to a better more magical flavour world. 

The lot we are selling exemplifies all the best characteristics of Washed Geisha. Bright tropical fruit flavours and displaying those beautiful floral characteristics we have all come to enjoy. 

There is plenty of this coffee to go around so you can order as much as you like! 

Origin: Honduras 

Varietal: Geisha 

Process: Washed

Mango, Bergamot, Jasmine




Using a Kono we suggest using a water temperature of ninety six degrees. For this brewer we do a total of four pours in thirty second increments: 

1st  (0:00): 40g

2nd (0:30): 40g 

3rd (1:00): 80g 

4th (1:30) 80g (240g total). 

We suggest you aim for a brew time of approximately 2:30 for maximum clarity, texture and sweetness.