Special Release: Finca Janson Flavour Theme Park - Kirk Pearson


Let me just start by saying: We at Sub-Zero Coffee are so honoured to be able to serve coffee from Finca Janson, a farm we recognise as having some of the best coffee in the world. If you have purchased the lots we are selling (or even their coffee roasted by others), then you too will be able to appreciate just how mesmerising these coffees are.


Until I worked in Specialty coffee the only things I associated with Panama were the treasure trove of damning documents leaked about millionaires avoiding tax (aka the Panama Papers,) and when the Panama Canal was blown up in the satirical movie ‘Team America’ by a syndicate run by now deceased North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Ill.


It wasn’t until I had a life changing coffee from Finca Hartmann (another premiere coffee producer in Panama,) that I knew that Panamanian coffee sits firmly within the highest echelon of coffee producing countries in the world. And among Panamanian producers, the Janson’s are widely considered elite by those fortunate enough to have tried their coffee.


High altitudes, favourable climate and decades of refining their craft give us Finca Janson as we know it today. The Janson’s are making many efforts to be self sustaining. There are 400 solar panels on site that power the entire farm and water from the natural springs is used for all coffees that are processed using the Washed style of fermentation.


Both of these coffees maintain their inherent qualities relating to variety and terroir and the flavours are masterfully augmented through the Janson’s meticulous processing.


The Washed Gesha of Lot 267 exemplifies what a Washed Gesha should be. Delicate citrus notes of Mandarin and Bergamot, an Apricot sweetness and then finishing with those floral qualities we all have come to love in well processed washed coffee. As mentioned before, the water used to ferment this coffee is sourced from the natural springs on the farm, and after it has been used to ferment coffee it is repurposed around the farm.


The Anaerobic Natural of Lot 361 begins to challenge one’s senses. If you like intense, fruit forward and sweet coffee, there is no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy this lot. It’s the kind of coffee that ignites every single one of the flavour receptors in your tongue. Purple Grape flavoured Bubble gum, Tropical Fruits and a Jasmine finish are what you can expect to taste. After a ninety-six-hour Anaerobic fermentation, the cherries are left to dry in the sun for a further ten days, the results of which are this flavour explosion.




Ultimately you will brew how you like, but here are some of the suggestions we would make when brewing these coffees.


Washed: A longer brew 1-16.6 ratio I always find accentuates the floral qualities in washed Gesha. For this reason we would suggest you brew using the Loong Pour.


Using a dose of 15g, dial up the temperature to 97-98 and pour 50g in and give that a stir. Follow that with one more pour of 200g and then you are done! Do ensure you grind to a size that completes the brew between 2:15 and 3:00 (if you’re using a Comandante that’s 22 clicks.)


Anaerobic: If you follow the above recipe for this coffee, you will produce an equally amazing coffee.


If you have a Kono Dripper and want to up the ante, then read on.


I first heard of the Kono Dripper when watching compete in the Australian Brewers Cup competition last year in Melbourne. David Train (who unfortunately made an error in his compulsory round resulting in him not winning) received perfect scores for his coffee, another Anaerobic Natural Gesha from Panama, using a Kono.


The dripper itself isn’t unique, it is conical in shape and made from plastic, though it is slightly narrower than many conical drippers on the market. The papers which allow faster drain times combined with the narrow shape, alter the bed depth and allow for a unique style of brewing.


Using a 15g dose and a water temperature between 90-94 degrees, adhere to a 1-16 brew ratio. Start with an initial pour of 60g and wait for 30 seconds. At that time pour another 80 and wait another 30 seconds, and then do the same pour again to reach a total of 240ml. Aim for a time between 2-3 minutes (23-24 clicks on the Comandante) and you will be thanking yourself.



Thank You:


Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the Pandemic. We’re looking to get back into our café soon and keep the good work of freezing coffee going.


We will have some more exciting coffees coming soon. Until then, please enjoy this lot and we will hopefully be sharing a brew with you soon!


As always, STAY COOL!